Loquat Entertainment CIC, is a community interest company that aims to develop various platforms to engage and empower the Bermudian community in the UK.

Our Bermuda Day in the UK events, held annually in London and Liverpool, are not-for-profit events, and our Liverpool festival is a family and community event. Both events are presently managed and organised by a small group of people. Every penny we raise goes towards the development of these wonderful events and supporting our ultimate focus of highlighting Bermuda’s many treasures.

The cost of putting on events of this magnitude can be quite staggering at times and depending on the location you choose, many times you can be left wondering if it’s all worth it. We can imagine how expensive it is to organise a really profitable event with big name acts that charge large booking fees and attendees pay an entrance fee.

For a free festival, it is so much harder. Attracting sponsors can be a bit tricky, especially when you are not a well-known entity as far as festivals or cultural events go. Having a full list of performances, entertainment and activities costs quite a bit as well, and the list goes on. Donations and sponsorship are welcomed at family, community and corporate levels; details accessible under the Support tab on the website.

A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make sure that the Bermuda Day in the UK events take place annually, and going forward they are going to need more support from volunteers. Whether you are an experienced professional, someone who has skills in a particular area and experienced with festivals, or a simply passionate individual who wants to get involved, your help will really make a difference.

Sign up to our mailing list and look out for when volunteer submissions window is open for 2018 events and help us to make history with our 10th year anniversary of hosting Bermuda-themed events in the UK!

We look forward to even more fun and dynamic events.


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