Back in 2004, Beatnik Rubaine moved from Bermuda to London, bringing with him a vision of building a collective of artist, musicians, DJs, singers and rappers. He had years of experience as a DJ, promoter, and had experience creating talent-friendly initiatives and outlets.

Beatnik’s UK experience further developed after meeting fellow promoter and DJ, Speedy, the two soon joined forces, learning and helping to build Speedy’s popular live music night “Soul Baby”.

After about two years, Beatnik felt it was time for him to present his ideas to the London public. He formed Spredluv Collective and together with fellow Bermudian Jeremy Blades, they hosted a number of DJ and live music events around London, from “Round 5 O’clock” and “Spredluv Luv in Hiphop” to “Dub inna da City” and “Bermuda nights out”, which featured Bermudian artist such as Desta Zion and his band Zion & the White Boyz (now known as “Mighty Leap”), and Clinark Dill, to name but a few. They soon added the hugely-popular Bermuda Day in the U.K. events to the growing list of entertainment initiatives.

In 2012, Bermudian writer and events organizer, Cha’Von (Clarke) Joell joined the team, bringing her passion for the arts, entertainment and all things Bermudian. She had formed CKC Corporation, an entertainment and publishing company, and had a strong history with Chewstick, a Bermuda-based arts and talent-centered community group that Beatnik had helped to establish. Cha’Von’s multi-faceted experience and interests easily fit with the group and the trio hosted two London events before introducing our family-friendly event, Bermuda Day in Liverpool in “2014”.

The team decided to form Loquat Entertainment, CIC in 2016 to position themselves to do more for Bermudian talents and entrepreneurs in the UK. The company is committed to sharing Bermuda’s talents, culture and traditions with the rest of the world, empowering Bermudians and building confidence and pride in the unique qualities native to the island of Bermuda.