A Massive Thank You!

thank you featured content

Hi everyone, we the organizing committee for Bermuda day events held annually in London and Liverpool, just want to take this opportunity to say a massive heartfelt thanks to everyone who help make the Bermuda Day events two really good days out.

All the Artists, Musicians, Performers who donated their skills, craft and time, all the vendors who made up our vendors village, the Djs who held it down at both events and the After Party; the staff and management at both Lockside Camden and Constellations in Liverpool for working tirelessly to ensure that the days where a success, the Chefs at Lockside and Keta’s quality Catering and the Security, big up to every single one of you for all your hard work and dedication at this years events.

And of course all the wonderful people who came from near and far, it is always good to see the diversity of the UK and people having a great time.

We couldn’t have had an event without you and we really hope you are a part of our team for 2018 too!


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