1. To celebrate and promote Bermuda’s culture, heritage and history through music, arts, cuisine, film, literature, and more.

2. To create events that celebrate unique talents of Bermuda, engage communities through interactive experiences and introduce opportunities to network or collaborate with other cultures throughout the UK.

3. To provide a range of platforms to promote the culture, heritage and history of Bermuda through traditions, such as Bermuda kite-making demonstrations and Gombey drumming and dancing.

4. Organize market stalls for Bermudians to sell a wide-range of products with emphasis on high-quality prepared Bermudian food, hand-made goods, clothing, jewelry, books, CDs, T- shirts, Bermudian flags and more existing UK initiatives.

5. To establish an expectation of positive, safe and diverse platforms to nurture people all ages within communities and families.

6. To build bridges by broadcasting initiatives and events via online streaming outlets to educate others about the British island of Bermuda, and design incentives for global involvement through a ONE WORLD, ONE VOICE, ONE PEOPLE approach.



One thought on “MISSION

  1. Love it. I’m Bermudian – Sacha. Chavonne knows me. In Bermuda getting some artist ready for performances and in the studio and to go beyond this Rock. Would like to link up.


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