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For almost ten years, the Bermuda Day in the UK events have shared the secrets of the British island of Bermuda: Her arts, culture and talents at a special event at Lockside Lounge in Camden Market, London and as of 2015, a family event in Liverpool. We have created networking platforms, amazing memories and educated thousands of patrons about the island through games, activities, food, live performances and social engagement.

In the past, we have been supported by Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo and Goslings. With your help, we will be in a position to offer engaging workshops, further promotion of art-related enterprise in the UK and positive outlets to nurture talent. The Liverpool event will mirror the festive Bermuda Heritage Day on island with a “Cultures of the World” mini-parade, kite-making and similar crafts, and talented cooks, musicians and other talents. With our new goal of helping to integrate Bermuda and Her talents into the greater world of opportunities, we now invite all nationalities to represent their countries in every facet of both events to perform alongside Bermudian performers, march in our Bermuda Day in the UK parade and represent the colourful range of people now living on the island. Bermudians will always have the first of all opportunities as they are Bermuda-themed events, but we are thrilled to now further enhance the experience by welcoming other nationalities to contribute. We look forward to events that will be a full celebration of who Bermudians are, the beautiful island they come from and where we are now, a staple part of the British culture.

We thank you, in advance, for sponsoring this cultural event to promote Bermuda and Bermudians to the UK and neighbouring countries.





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