Cha’Von K. Clarke

 Chavon.pngCha’Von K. Clarke is an award-winning writer, playwright, poet, publisher and international event manager. Her theatrical plays have been performed in Bermuda and London. Her work has been featured in poetry anthologies and short story projects in Bermuda and USA, including the Bermuda Anthology of Poetry, Volumes I & II, Family Christmas Stories online and Saving Our Daughters.

In addition to her writing projects, Cha’Von has helped to organise numerous fashion and talent shows as well as charitable events to assist community members raise funds for educational and medical purposes. She also worked as Casting Director for an animated short film produced in Bermuda called “Telling A You”, and has lead poetry and drama classes and directed a number of theatrical productions.

Cha’Von holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice and Cognitive Neuroscience from Temple University in Philadelphia, P.A. and an M.A. in Playwriting at Kingston University in London. She also has advanced training in Leadership and HR Development (focus on motivation) from Endicott College and combines talent with training, which is evident throughout her writing projects.

A native of Bermuda, together with her family, she splits her time between the UK and Bermuda. Recently, Cha’Von, Beatnik Rubaine and Jeremy Blades formed Loquat Entertainment Ltd, CIC in 2016 after several years of hosting Bermuda Day in the U.K. events in London and Liverpool. The purpose of the community interest company is to empower, educate and motivate Bermudians and friends of Bermuda to showcase artistic talents and educate others about the beautiful island.

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