Singers/rappers/performers to perform at Bermuda   Day.


Click the Talent Submission button below to email your submission with the heading BERMUDA DAY ARTIST and the following information.

Name of artist/group (include individual stage names, please)

  1. Name of lead contact (doesn’t make sense me emailing 5 people when 1 will do)
  2. Contact details. (I’d like to use Whatsapp where possible so include your email and mobile number)
  3. What you’re planning on doing and what equipment you will need. If you’re a band, please include a tech spec.
  4. Any media you have. In other words, if you’re a dancer, some video footage. If you’re a singer etc, some recorded stuff you may have. The more professional it is, the better…
  5. Any links for you or your band/group. Facebook links, soundcloud, mixcloud, Vimeo, YouTube…etc…



We are looking for is mixes to play during the FAMILY event on the 28th of May. Rules for mixes are as follows:

   MUST be CLEAN…I don’t really care how you do it, but I will be listening to them beforehand…first curse word or the like and I will be tossing them. Remember, it’s for a family event. If you couldn’t play your whole mix in front of your church-going grandma, it ain’t for us.

   MUST be no more than 60 mins to be fair to others who may send mixes.

   MUST be sent in MP3 format. No more than 320 Kbps…this will keep the file size down to a manageable level.

   All mixes to be sent by EMAIL. I will not be putting my home address out there for anybody. You can use any file delivery system you like (such as Hightail or Wetransfer.) I will not be accepting files unless they are sent by these methods.

We endeavour to play everyone’s mix and if you allow it, we will make the download links available for the public. Thanks.

You can find Jay Blades on Facebook. Please click the Talent Submission button below to email all mixes with the heading Bermuda Day Mix.

Email- loquatentertainment@hotmail.com